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The generation of Ba Shu region lives


Sichuan makes wine prosperous from thou, make wine of raw material, water and soil the quality compatibly wait condition with abundant resources.Is so-called one square the Water and soil keep a square person, as person in Sichuan of wine country, produce wine and consume wine at the long term, all-directionsly make contact with with wine of in the process, knot with wine under don't understand of good luck.A year in, regardless set up building to rise a house, still marriage a funeral and wish a life to pay is to give a farewell party, the wine is all necessary.Particularly every time round offer sacrifices to, festival, visit to appreciate, the need of wine is more very.The night of cheap sunglasses New Year's Eve, the whole family is happy reunion, have "the regiment year wine";The January inside friend party has "invite spring wine";The Dragon Boat Festival is lucky for diagram, drink"red orpiment wine";99 Double Ninth Festival, person in Chengdu wants to hope river's building or the drum building in the city to steam wine;La the month want to use wine fiesta cooking stove for 23, 24 days.There are also"life wine", "marriage wine", "send close wine", and"full moon wine"...etc. in addition, count extremely number.Can say, person in Sichuan raises Yan necessarily wine, meet a meeting necessarily wine, member of association beard wine, entertain guest beard wine, connect to entertain a guest at ordinary times, don't call "please have a meal", but"please drink wine".


   In addition, the generation of Ba Shu region lives Yi, hides, Qiang, soil house, seedling, return, the Na west, Su and cloth depend on, full, Tai, Mongolia etc. is numerous national minorities.These national minorities have respectively special alcohol custom, it the abundant colorful alcohol customs gave Ba Shu Jiu culture to increase heavy race taste.The Yi clan byword says:"Hahn people expensive tea, Yi person expensive wine.""Behave not to drink, waste time in this world to walk."Wine drive Yi the people regard as to respectfully dedicate heroic Qiong syrup, understanding meet of bridge.Hide clan compatriot widespreadly good wine, particularly in order baseball sunglasses to like highland barley wine, the highland barley wine is to hide clansmen the people Be pleased to celebrate joyful festival, shout victory, marriage accolade, best friend family reunion, the leave Jian goes to wait an activity in indispensability of beverage.The Qiang Zhai is the world that is full of wine joss-stick, both sexes and all ages almost no man don't drink Za wine.The soil family banish fatigue with the Za wine at ordinary times, the guest comes use its entertainment, until is dead drunk.In addition to drinking Za wine, the seedling clan compatriot returns the Niang glutinous rice wine, Huang Gu Jiu, and corn wine...etc., the worship of ancestors celebrates a bumper harvest, the joyful festival happy events all drink.Receive visitors "receive visitors wine", the entertainment guest contains "hand over cup wine" and sees visitor out "see visitor out wine".The feeling content slices and makes people have to drink.Na west the clan is the race that the Hao drinks, and the ability is from Niang water wine and the white spirit.The Su Su clan both sexes and all ages all cans not gets away from water wine in the daily life, the etiquette of tallest what it entertained guest drinks "double person's wine".While drinking alcohol from the very big Wan wine of host Zhen, host and guest each skill holds up a wine bowl to drink at the same time bottom, mean of guest intimate amity, the friendship is deeply long. 

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Kid suddenly flow next tears


Hence Lin Ke Wright asks him to say:"Why to want to do so?"

    The kid says:"I am going  to take fuel, I still need to come back!I still need to come back!"

    When you at listen to the other people talked, did you really listen to understand?Are you understand?If isn't understand, please listen to the other people finish saying, this womens sunglasses is"the art for listenning to".

    Is obedient not want to listen to a half and then break a chapter to prefer right to might, also not want own position project the other people say of the words is above.The modern people step is hurried, always make the other people make a long story short, oneself also is to make a long story short, have never thought "short words" that pass by ear's go in, tie knot in the head, again has been had a long tongue have already become "add poison to anticipate long words" while coming out.

    The ear is a passive tool, so listenning to is passive behavior, but actively listenning an attitude will make the whole activity become active.Is a to well listen behavior, will let the other party also be absorbed in he by himself speak of contents, will even guide a words of reality, if you have already lined up to refuse not to listen to in the beginning, already next verdict, inside the ear leaves noise, you also can't hear any Be getting more sincere.

    Good EQ, from listen oneself's beginning

    The person's intelligence surpasses other animals, positive like the angel's better than person.But a person with outstanding wisdom and ability, even can possess ~ and ~ some divine nature.The facial features lacks a, the life is a kind of regret;If the arms and legs of mind is disfunctional, lack an imagination or reason logically baseball sunglasses ability, will be serious.

    Interpersonal difference, sometimes as big as others and the difference of animals.The difference doesn't lie in essence, but lies in environment;It is not in the vitality, but lie in character.

    The fox walks into a carvings work shop and sees a mask, the regrets ground says:"There is no the head of head true amiability!My finding out many philosophers to think isn't likely to have of vacuum."The knowledge of many people is like this fox.Treat thing to contain certain key, that is the internality that wants to notice thing.Usually covering up under the beautiful outward appearance is ugly and stupid.Wear lion skin and not openings, the most stupid wild beast canned once cheat as well the smartest;Being silent can cure birdbrain, not only can cover up empty, more make of mysterious unfathomable.

    The personality is special no harm, but can not be abnormal;Can with the well experienced, but not proper antinomy.In the world, personality and identity very of artificial number not much:The duke doesn't necessarily to the utmost have hero bearing, scholar as well the non- think deeply clear Bian.

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The hair is carried to the Internet technique


 This kind of according to the market and the industry chain of fine turn a management, make to have the area management in bureau to plan production to become reality.Zero inventory managments ask top and bottom to visit of business enterprise plan of the height harmoniously and together, the imperfection of the whichever link isn't allowed.

  When the plan management in the market economy environment becomes a social phenomena, well explained that the market economy pursues of have instead of having no preface preface, not Ray-Ban Polariscope Sunglasses is blindness but is possibly of plan, this plan well embodied the best request of efficiency and competition level, and deeply root in soil in the market.

  The hair is carried to the Internet technique in the mid 90's in last century, brought about an information revolution in mankind's society.But the Internet change with each passing day of development, flat panel computer, the universality of the 3 G cellular phone, all make us welcome for an information-based ages.Because the information industry advances by leaps and bounds a development, the information learned to biggest enrich and expand a statistics to learn means and method, will cause the statistics learn an information to learn to appear a new development to expect.

  This provided a kind of possibility, the plan management of part in the market probably expands district to manage, industry management or even management in the nation, thus realization according to market mechanism of, with the data flow an information to flow for means of,Cheap Police Sunglasses with adapt to market of well vivid for sign of, the society of science but fine plans a management, raises clarity in the market thus and cans control a degree and finally carries out a designing market economy.

  Need to be emphatic BE, even if the information-based level flies a high circumstance today under, attain medium view or the plan management of macro view, still is many difficult.

  Because of the infinite diverse of the market, and from here develop of ever-changing, can not get factors like effective processing,etc according to the huge quantity information of market, people can not the also accurate confidence is from the tiny view arrive macro view of economy true, therefore is similar to the macroscopic management of "zero stocks"s type return can be ideal, the macroscopic management is still one is vulgar, trend and all straightforward management.

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Debt crisis Germany in Europe anticipates to conduct oneself virtuously


Debt crisis in Europe in the near future again appear nervous situation, part of Europe nation political situations to appear variable and economic data poor cause European stock market's tumbling.But accept the analysis personage of Germany whom the reporter covers to still think, German economy expresses to expect good to this year, and still will become "mainstay" of European economy.

  Germany expects virtuous bank(Baader Bank) financial market analysis department is the representative director Luo uncle especially?Admire Er fertile(Robert Halver) mean, Holland Mens RayBan Sunglasses government dismisses, French presidential election result is hard to anticipate and the some euro areas national national debt rate of return rises recently etc. comprehensive the factor let the investor nerve draw tight, is also the reason that European stock market tumbles recently.

  The euro area purchase manager's index number that announced recently together compared a wreath ratio to all appear to descend, and was lower than a market to expect.Make people feel more surprised BE, German manufacturing industry buys April of index number of manager to 46.3, is a lowest value since July, 2009.

  German shell Lun shell space bank senior economist Chris Di Anne?The comfortable Er Ci(Christian Schulz) thinks that many euro areas nation including France, Italy, Holland and Spain etc. country in order to should adopt a series of and rigorous public finance to tighten measure to debt crisis in Europe, these measure is latest to influence market demands, offsetted European Central Bank since December, last year promoting and Nike golf sunglasses boosting of twice large-scale infusion liquidity function.He also thinks that two country national debt rate of return ascensions in Spain and Italy also make the margin circumstance of two countries allow of no optimism recently and caused a market of worried.

  The comfortable Er Ci thinks that because Germany exit to a large extent relies on an European market, the need of European market's descending by all means will influence Germany exit, therefore is German economy growth probably will have to rely on a local demanding growth.However, rises because of wages income in Germany, the jobless rate continuously keeps in the lower level, the inflation ascension speed slows down, and these factors will provide good foundation for the growth of Germany local and private consumption.

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The central region of concentrated national


The central region of concentrated national most populations formed the situation that can be called "the central part traps a bureau".The place public finance is nervous, the local government canvasses business to lead property to excite madness, officer people antinomy vehemence.In addition to organization business unit central region, the employment opportunities is sparse to lack or have no attraction, local employment usually can not nicely at local life.The town of central region's turning majority of situations are to become the town that there is no local industry propping up to turn.Central county city, the employment opportunities lacks and buys a house to usually still want a foreign land work, consequently central part not only free heart Ray Ban aviators village, also free heart town, hollow city.In great quantities green strong population in the central part does a part-time job in the other parts of country but can not settle down in the work ground, their sons and daughters complete education in the home town, the parents and worker(younger sister) must retire to enjoy life in the home town in the future by himself/herself, while the medical resources mainly consumes for old man, child.Thus, forming the central region local government has to be used local short of public finance funds, for don't provide to educate, retire Buy Coach Sunglasses to enjoy life at the person of local work, the situation of medical public service, form eastern and central local government right and obligation from here of not on an equal footing.

  The emergence of"conduct a city", management land is substantial to is "the local government company turns", the alienation of this kind of government working talent is the officer's people antinomy vehemence, the ruling party legitimacy run off of important source, local government not ability"the company turns", so public finance income in the place is particularly a land to conduct income not ability"the business enterprise profits turns".Central part and circumlittoral person all the margin of public finance income is then what structure reason results in, have to rebuild a national public finance system and carry out a series of system innovation can solve central part to trap a bureau.This text thinks that is next with the policy environment of China nowadays under the modern market economy condition, the public finance income of local government is main if not that effort of the oneself creates, central policy mindset namely the system, structure problem play an important function.Solve "the central part traps a bureau" to need to carry on thoroughly adjusting of the economy structure, need the reconstruction of national sex public finance system, a words public public finance needs all rich and poor.Pass general to transfer to pay, significant person from in decrease region all the difference of the public finance income, carry out public service to on an equal footing turn of great target.

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The road walked by six brotherses also has a dissimilarity


After dividing inheritance, Wang Gong Quan throws a body to invest at the risk, he afterwards because of people's livelihood bank, strange tiger 360, the Jiangxi match Wei etc. items to gain considerable fame river's lake.Ping Lun chooses to stay to guard ten thousand, passed to lend hull to also become the listed company president afterwards.The easily small Di divided Guangxi ten thousand, establish sunlight 100 groups on this foundation.Wang Qi was rich to do international trade in the beginning, turn to do cheap sun glasses a wood behind of floor, now is the sea emperor wood industry(Tienjin) limited company president.Liu Jun went to Sichuan and reported to follow the plow high technology according to the medium.

  As for ten thousand that histories, outside can from the recollection of the party concerned in get some parts, but is more rising than 10000 of big ages river's lake, be like a piece of huge magnetic iron, drew on all business elites, be called "Huang Bu military school" of Chinese real estate field, industry for it look askance at.

  After several years, Ping Lun tells reporter why he carried on the shoulder ten thousand hull sons:"Ten thousand originators are me and achievement power, he walked, only I to carry Mens Armani Sunglasses on the shoulder, others again not rest assured."One day, Ping Lun and Wang Gong Quans see they a house in early days, Wang Gong Quan said:"Unexpectedly you can carry on the shoulder so long, too difficulty, if only several Zhengs hundred million, intolerable injustice;If the Zheng is several ten hundred million, I in the mind unbalance."

  Ping Lun once tallied up the career of going into business to the reporter:"Succeed to be like to walk, walk than the other people grow again still on the hoof, can also smile, the other people think to is success.In fact two words can explain white:The dead carries on the shoulder."But come and go don't make the idealism in his heart vanish.In November, 2006, Ping Lun delivered a message for Wang Gong Quan:"The state that is horizontal to wear gum leads to face Yi and descends a Ju county and remind 10000 starts an uprising of beginning, grave in' the Wu forget in the Ju', serious and dedicated in order to self-renewal, can not help ordering a soldier again in the chest, ten thousand insides river's mountain accept on the first ……"

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The our country gradually enters a type to reform


  A, gradually enter type reform and reform to take it by storm

   The reform that China starts at the end of 70's in last century is start from the village, reform is gradually enter type, from village to city, from the tiny view arrive macro view, arrive a society from the economy, arrive from the single item comprehensive, open after more than 30 years of reform, our country economy society development obtained the achievement of world-wide attention, the economic total amount resides the second in the world, person all income already arrive medium etc. was partial to income national row or column.But, our country when the economic high speed Oakley Polariscope Sunglasses increases to strengthen with influence in the world continuously, also appeared many new problems and new antinomy, such as:Person all the income level is still not high, the economy increases a way thicker put, resources environment price very big, village human resource structure disequalibrium, the district develops unbalance severity, income allotment, particularly is a city country residents income margin very big, industrial structure and employment structure don't moderate, the agriculture regimentation and industry turns management slowness, the agriculture labor force employment after transfering the Zhi changes at the identity, city country 2 dollars the social structure didn't get to thoroughly crack, society out of harmony and unsteady concealed suffer from a lot, after main factor market turns Zhi, village basic organization and country manage structure not perfect, the grass-roots government working talent still keeps existing deviation, the international development environment tends tightly, competition gradually turn worse.The existence of these problem and antinomies, current and inevitability, and then have probable, is also say, our country the many problems and antinomy of current existence, since relate to economic transformation and the process and stage of development, this also can be treated as any nation in the process of developing in may experience of problem, COACH pink Sunglasses but again with our country the system reform gradually into sex characteristics, then system change ill success, not perfect, can not be one-step and good enough relevant, the problem like this has the special in China very much.If can not insist a correct reform direction, deepen reform on the road that gradually enters type reform, we will sink into to reform don't gradually but not enter of"trap", will make reform to do things by halves, all previous work undone.

   Can say further, the our country is being placed in to deepen the key period that the reform, reform takes it by storm at present, is being placed in an economic society to transform the key period of development further, carry out the transformation and development of science, solve very at present the many problem and antinomy of economic social existence, only push forward reform and deepen reform.Is so-called to deepen reform, on wanting to carry on breakthrough to the deep time problem of system mechanism that influences an economic society to healthily develop, two is reforming path and way up look for breakthrough, become single-item reform in order to synthesize the reform of kit, is the important sign that the new period our country deepens reform and reform to take it by storm.

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Develop a company is spending the most difficult of order


Medium wide net Peking April 5 news according to economy of voice'Yang wide finance and economics comment on'report, along with the building City adjust to control a gradual alignment thorough, the real estate company's day can say to is less and less lead.Along with the enlargement of oneself's pressure, the degree starts from the third quarter of last year, majority of national cities all appeared real estate company to reduce price promotion and quickly return the phenomenon of funds.Ten thousand sections, medium sea, protect benefit, canvass business, a life time luxuriant etc. Oakley Sunglasses Sale building Qi the group leader also have no to escape by sheer luck.

    But along with real estate business enterprise in the near future announce annual report in succession, but people notice to a strange phenomenon.The latest statistics data that the orchid virtuous real estate strategy consults organization to lately release suggests that reduce price the influence extremely minute of the folio hair company's gross profit, in the real estate companies who released 2011 every years report in more than 100 houses, about 70% building Qis carried out an accomplishment growth, parts of building Qis even still appeared the circumstance that the gross profit leads significant ascension.

    Suppose, a life time luxuriant real estate 2011 accomplishment reports suggest, the gross profit of company attains 10,000,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 25.4% in 2011, win Haiti produce of suggest in the accomplishment report, Haiti produces in last year of the gross profit rate even come to a 42.6%.

    On the Mont blanc Sunglasses other hand, but the data from Wind information suggest, up to March 27, Hu deep two citieses have already disclosed that 48 As of 2011 every year reports become available in the market building Qi, the stock aggregate of 2011 year-ends attains more than 100000000 dollarses 5900, together compare increase 45.8%.

    More and more scathing policy, more and more nervous funds chain, stock continuously increase, why perplex in these disadvantageous factors under of real estate business enterprise annual report meeting is the one greatly good?I invite the voice of economy now the special contract comment on member and Shanghai to easily reside a real estate institute for research pair director Yang Hong Xu make a commentary to this.

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The "export" turns to"for the domestic sale"


The numerous beads triangle business enterprise makes a forced landing Hubei and also have it oneself foreign trade the economy sinks into to fall a predicament of reason.

    "Their more than 600 persons comes and mainly all seeks sale for product this time."Wuhan City canvasses business bureau chief from pair in bureau orchid Hong wave call while accepting reporter's interview, " foreign trade business enterprise in Guangdong exports situation now not good, all at change direction and dig inside need."

    Orchid Hong wave speech, told bead the triangle business enterprise faces face to face cheap sunglasses of embarrassing situation.

    According to maritime customs Guangdong cent the office release of data suggest, this year 1~2 months, Guangdong exports only compare tiny increased 0.7% last year same period, significantly got behind with a whole country to 6.9%ly increase on the average.But the news spreading from foreign trade system in Guangdong suggest, in March the import and export"combine ignore to think".

    This among them, to foreign trade according to save a higher region of one degree in, ex- total amount of two month export in Shenzhen together compares to descend 3.5% for USD 56,289,000,000;Dongguan delays the data of announcement to show its January the total amount of import and exports descends 17.8% and exports to descend 10.6% among them.

    On March 30, province bureau chief Ju's cultural heritage piece of the small and medium enterprises of Guangdong mean while speaking of small and medium enterprises present condition in Dongguan, is "small and medium enterprises' most difficult PRADA Polariscope Sunglasses year" currently.

    Therefore, expand new product sale, open a hinterland huge market, is particularly urgent to the business enterprise of bead triangle.

    The medicine group general manager Li Chu Yuan of Guangzhou said that expanded central market space, is the group's"25" points in the programmings, in the coming 3 years will still just original material, greatly healthy, medicine logistics etc. enlarge with nine of cooperation.

    Not only Li Chu Yuan who thinks greatly of a central market, all of the province board of trade president of association Wang Yans of Guangdong of Hubei reveal, after, this time"line in product Hubei, Guangdong"'s covering the company Mao city in Guangdong, Hubei of 50,000 square meters will throw in to carry a camp at the end of the year.

    Peng Peng thinks that the Euro-American market hasn't resumed currently, the foreign trade is weak to also keep on a period of time, the bead triangle foreign trade business enterprise changes direction to expand a hinterland market, is a good choice. 

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Brazil central bank cuts interest rates 75


The 18th local time, Brazil central bank declares that the basis interest rate lowers 75 radicles to order, from original of 9.75% decline to 9% and approach history's lowest level.

  This is since 8 the end of the months, last years, Brazil central bank lowered interest rate for the 6th time.Brazil central bank means that ease because of the inflation pressure, the cheap sun glasses interest rates cut had a beneficial condition.In addition, for the sake of stimulate gradually slow down of economy growth, especially be placed in the industry of atrophying the status, the Brazil also needs to lower interest rate.

  The influence for being excessively revalued by Euro-American financial crisis and this currency, Brazil last year economy growth the speed obviously slow down, only is 2.7%, but the Latin-American country was average last year economic growth and led to 4.6%.For the inflation level, personage in the market anticipates, Brazil this year inflation rate is 5.8%, 2013 is 5.5%.

  Currently, the Brazil insists repressing short-term U.S. dollar investment funds inflow with avoid second Er of native currency thunder appreciation the speed lead quickly, interest rates cut also repress rising of second Er of thunder to certainly provide further support Armani Plank sunglasses AAA for Brazil government.The Brazil wealth long Man adds to mean especially, descend adjust interest rate can lower second Er of thunder outward the attraction of country investor.

  Had the analysis the personage to say, Brazil central bank might adopt to hesitate an attitude, year inside may maintain basis interest rate in 9%.But in the near future, the India and Brazil cuts interest rates one after another, newly arisen market central bank's seeming to be also is following an Euro-American day to wait a flourishing economy central bank but adopts relaxed monetary policy.However, for Euro-American day economy central bank but speech, relaxed of the monetary policy is still not enough, won't also break to release quantity to turn to relaxedly get stripe a version.Japanese central bank pair line long west village the pure Yan meant yesterday, Japanese central bank preparation as occasion arise adopted the additional measure loosenned monetary policy, but the accurate activity would depend on economy and commodity price prospect.

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The carrier rocket of Korea isn't likely


Korean satellite shoot to say on April 10 concerning the officials, 'bright star the 3rd'the satellite is installing into carrier rocket, Be planned to the gearing in that very day to complete, dynasty square will between the 12-16th blast-off satellite.

  Report according to China Times in the city, aim at a Korea etc. country in Japan, the United States to ask square of dynasty to cancel blast-off in times before, and think'Milky Way the 3rd'the carrier rocket can be used for to shoot ballistic guided missile of long range one matter, the Korean astrospace technique, committee cosmos cheap sun glasses develops a bureau pair bureau chief Liu Jin Zhe say, the carrier rocket of Korea is to use liquid fuel, but guided missile the big part all uses solid fuel.The carrier rocket of Korea establishes on the ground and completely exposes, and shoot to prepare time long, therefore the carrier rocket of Korea isn't likely to be ballistic guided missile.He said that if is a ballistic guided missile to experiment and need to be loaded to in great quantities and effectively carry a lotus.

  'Our satellites weigh 100 kilograms, to a weapon, 100 kilograms carry a lotus not very effective, 'he says, the external world makes use of satellite blast-off to make to cover to develop guided missile for Korea technique of surmise'absurd'.

  Liu Jin Zhe emphasizes that Korea has already notified satellite to shoot a related affair to the related organization and the nation according to the international law and the cosmos convention, any nations all have the right of cosmos development.Being Korean from now on will according to programing for five years, develop ability stronger Earth prognosticate satellite and the Earth synchronous satellite and raise a control and Carrera Sunglasses AAA prognosticate ability, and develop to develop large carrier rocket.

  Satellite in Pyongyang control comprehensive command post bureau chief white Chang Hao mean, there is farsighted space in Korea development programming with 1,800,000 science and technology worker, and have a cosmos development the essential condition, must develop astrospace.

  According to know, Korea on the 11th will organize a foreign reporter to satellite in Pyongyang to control comprehensive command post visit.

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Oil price in the world upsurges the help Russia economy development


Russian economic is sturdy recently.The report analyzed Russia economy of in the near future development and prospect, specially paying attention to Russia should invite in the summer of 2012 the action that joins WTO, think that this is the Russian economy development and faces of a special but important opportunity.

  Before half year, along with global economy development power the head weaken, the euro area extends to stop gradually and greatly believes in merchandise price to start dropping, the economic prospect in Russia has a liking for go to very indetermination.But till cheap sunglasses the end of 2011, under support that domestic consume growth, Russian economy already regression to the crisis is before the level.

  In 2011, now price U.S. dollar generous character, the Russian economic scale occupies the ninth in the world, while 2007 is the seventh in the world.In 2012, Russia produces may more than 2 U.S. dollar.With the purchasing power proper price balanced price difference, Russia is already the sixth economy in the world currently.

  World Bank Russian federal country don't bureau chief Ju exceed a gram of Er-Lu section Si radicle to say especially:'In 2012, because the trade receipt and expenditure contains very big surplus, usually the account condition looks very good.The Russian central bank increased a foreign exchange storage to save quantity, the jobless rate had already dropped 6.5% of the front of crisis or so, 2012 the beginning of the year, the wages appears two number growths.The core inflation rate in February, 2012 is 3.8%, 20 in the last years' lowest levels.'

  However, Russia the best part of economic achievement is an establishment in the near future oil price to upsurge foundation at the world.At supply strain rather than under the global sturdy and demanding push, black the price pulling Er petroleum breaks USD 125 per bucket Discount Coach Sunglasses in 20123 beginning of the months, this is July, 2008 of first time.The oil price upsurges conversion for a huge sum of of exit income, public finance income the ascension and stock market soar.However, though the oil price upsurges, Russia is further of the economy increase still tired.Really, with many other economies and the recovery speed of Russia compares after the crisis in 1998, Russia is from 2008 crisis recovery speed dilatoriness.

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Iran sells at a discount to threaten to sell petroleum


British medium report on the 11th, Iran continues by drawing on Europe and Asian buyer to purchase towards exporting petroleum to adopt to sell at a discount or becoming to mutually sell at a discount strategy.

  Sell at a discount Lan guest

  Reuter's cites that the news personage's words report, Iran in May to the oil refinery of the northwest of Europe and Mediterranean region quote is lower than Asian customer to take effect to succeed to continuously purchase on July 1 in orderanying of the EU polarized sunglasses import prohibition Iran petroleum by drawing on these customers.

  An European buyer says:'The official selling price looks on the whole quite good, they try to draw on us.But have a little a night now.'

  While working harder to draw on European customer, Iran opens to become toward Asian customer the special discount of discount mutually raise Cuo and provide toward Asian buyer including India 180 days expect of passive loan.《Financial Times 》 in England estimates, this each equal to petroleum cheap USD 1.2-1.5.

  Compared with it, Saudi Arabia waits the loan tenure that main petroleum export nation in Middle East provides toward the customer as about 30 days.

  Rare activity

  Trader in the crude oil market thinks that Iran descends to adjust official selling price in really rare action on one's own initiative.A senior crude oil trader in Europe tells 《financial Times 》 the reporter:'Obviously,(extension) the loan tenure is to sell at Cheap PRADA Sunglasses a discount most conveniently method.'

  A trader tells the Reuter's the reporter:'Iran followed behind a sand to descend to adjust official selling price especially.This expresses that the market how doesn't flap.Equally, this may be the carriage that Iran puts and try to request customer to stay to continue to buy oil.'

  The international energy organization predicts that Iran crude oil yield has already fallen into 10 in the last years low.This western national energy observation organization thinks, owing to Iran petroleum much more industrial in the last years' investing shortage and folding to add EU and the United States to impose sanction against a factor, Iran crude oil yield will fall further.Though the discount is captivating, trader and latent buyer says, the hard persuasion boat owner delivers Iran petroleum under the sistuation that have never got to be satisfied with insurance.

  Besides, the oil refinery of Europe says, they have already found out acting for of Iran petroleum supply outlet.The traders say that be easy to find out a quality and Iran crude oil equal source in Europe, for example, Russia is black the stock on hand excess fare of crude oil pulling Er to just and sharply narrow.

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'Is public'scold Brown of votes

The day of intense emotion combustion


Again welcome is Gao Kao for a year.These several days the weather here is very hot, be up to more than 30 heat of degree, to the examinee who takes part in to test Gao again is rigorously test at a time.At this moment, the examinees are courageously testing a field to go all out war, parent, the teachers should be same strain and anxious.Making great effort of several years and pay, now should be a result of time, sincerely wishing to wish all examinees can test to come from personal the most ideal result!Yearly this time, I start to can not help remembering own Gao Kao.Is long so big experience of two examinations of life important turn, should be test Gao and test to grind.Everybody has his/her own ideal, while Gao Kao is usually also our ideal medium part.Be discount sunglasses received benefit to father's heredity, generally to female kid very difficult school of science, at I am here but seem to be opposite easy many.Father is regarded as a school of science genius, senior high school of time several times mathematics contest that takes part in whole citieses all obtains first and is the good result of the full marks, so I have been also equally feeling proud, certainly be morely still ashamed and feel that oneself has never canned make to arrive so good.The girl whom I have been aming a to want very much to be strong feels to regardless be a person or study to all have to be practical, and believe firmly want ~only persistence unremittingly of effort, will definitely succeed.Probably I have never lifted too many, in fact I ain't what elephant, some people thinks either, there is the growth and study environment of what superiority.Senior high school of time, the study environment of home isn't very good, the whole family is crowded small house of in one in, but the kitchen is the place that I review to test Gao.The day reviewed to test Gao is very hard, but also has a lot of happinesses and fine recollection.That the day of the intense emotion combustion, really make people difficult to forget.Every day in front although the heap wears very thick book,the heap eats a mother to personally strip from of fruits,Buy ray Ban Sunglasses feel that that is also a kind of happiness.Time of raining, I like to sit to read very much by the side of the window and breathe fresh air and the fragrance of the mud, feel study effect also particularly of good.Till now, I also have the habit to sit by the side of the window while liking to rain very much, should be become that time of.The father mother is very the person of tradition and honesty, embrace to have a very great expectation to me.But Gao Kao is some to defeat.I and allow much more of the friend is similar, the in the mind has a certain be loath to part of regret, the result for testing Gao at that time compare one form score the line was Gao Chu's 40 several cents, the result like this in fact and very could not make the family satisfied, because of ratio emulation at ordinary times and previous of result the low was a lot of.Proceed from some reason at the same time, I respected father's opinion to stay at the school of Harbin, don't pursue my dream at the afar.The frustrate in the life may always can hardly be avoided of, but I combine can't give up the step of diligent headway.The day remembered to test Gao, again bitter again tired also feel very sweet.I feel that the life is an ideal for the sake of the realization, continuously struggle of process, and can share successful joy with family's friend, should be make us happy most .Hope to be later to have the opportunity the career that can speak Mei son for everyone more.Even hope to be each similar to me have over timid, hesitate and be fond of Mang of person, can insist own ideal, don't give up easily.Regardless examine a result today for this year's examinees how, hope tomorrow all ability with easy squared and believe that this will be very glorious part in your life with aggressive mindset!

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Today is the girl's birthday

TitleWho contribute for new China doing

On Sunday party, four mothers took 4,000 golds, Sa beginning a, one is small six.Is small six of and a beginning an of is the same school.Is small six of ask me together between each seat:Is the piece who from loyalty?I smoothly answer:The Kuomintang high class will get and sacrifice in the war against Japan, famous anti- day hero.Is small six of immediately after ask:That he did for new China what contribute?I am interrogative:He is discount sunglasses one Kuomintang ranking officer, the anti- day time contributes very much, but gives contributing of new China not and greatly may?Is small six of immediately after ask:What does that Lee's white can make for new China to contribute?And early one child of small six same schoolses also ask:That right, we turn over a book and turn over data every noon and discuss to make 100 celebrities of a contribution for new China together and how all can not figure out to Li Bai and can make what contribution?I am stare tongue-tied:Wanting the Yao is a heavy, but with my memory inside, make Lee whitely contribute for new China doing leading what!Mistake wanting Yao can say that your school can not read, person's sons!The flank parent connects Chi:Can not, that data is to unify hair,RayBan Sunglasses affirmation isn't what school weaves by himself/herself.I collapse a form and ask a child:What does your teacher say?The children answer:The teacher doesn't know as well and say may be a heavy.My Nu, this where all heel where, the person of plait data can't for the sake of 100 make up a number?We have here knowing of have no?I return to very to learn cash sale now.

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Is Canadian in the future economy growth

Wake up of evil-foreboding dream


Laying aside the Greece may break contract on March 20 of in addition to evil-foreboding dream, the trader of Wall Street is worried that the another head of will soon wake up of'fierce beasts':The obligation default changes(CDS) a market with each other.

  ArtCashin is Switzerland bank(UBS) to is responsible for Niu to hand over to trade a supervisor inside the field.This week, he reveals in a notes, does Wall Street worry most not those banks that hold Greece national debt to will bear how much loss currently?But polarized sunglasses is the CDS market that involves Greece exactly have much big?Opponent square is which and once Greece default has behind how many scales of will CDS be triggered?

  But make trader terrified more BE, if the private creditor commitment reduces to record Greece national debt by 50% proportions, so will because of'voluntarily'but can't trigger CDS, this is similarly destructive to market, because of equal to admit those persons who buy CDS insurance to can not get to correspond indemnification.

  Raising a simple example elucidation CDS is how to compensate:If you are a rightness to hurtle a fund manager and hope that the investment that is in Europe for oneself does some insurances, hence bought USD 10,000,000 Greece bond that a certain bank publishes, to in response to premium(CDS excess fare) is 10%.If the Greece has no to break contract, you need pay a pen the year premium of USD 1,000,000;If the Greece really broke contract, you could change the principal of returning USD 10,000,000 with the bond.Expect CDS have already been up to 113.1% for 5 years of as early as mid- December, last year Greece in fact, this means that the investor needs to EUR 10,000,000 Greece bond to COACH Sunglasses for Men pay the insurance fee of EUR 11,310,000 of.

  Whatter a mess BE, once the Greece breaks contract and trigger to correspond CDS, will bring huge breakage to market.Trust to clear up accounts a company(DTCC) estimate according to the large stock certificate, the Greece breaks contract and trigger CDS indemnity amount of money tallest is USD 3,340,000,000.Though this part indemnification sum compares 2008 thunder Man the brothers go bankrupt small, can not neglect of is these USD 3,340,000,000 may don't compute lever, once the selling party is to pass bank the loan carry on indemnification, the so end risk will transfer bank and it investor body up.Moreover, the financial market trades a Greece- related CDS total amount more than USD 70,000,000,000 every day, if have the one party the default in bargain, will quickly falter CDS market confidence, then result in destructive result.

Germany lifts takes charge of person’s project

American economy is suddenly warm still cold


However, again descend to adjust to include France to wait euro area nine country reputation along with the standard Pu Er rating, add of beautiful export to Europe significant fall, various evidence enunciation, recovery of the exterior is still against the wind sturdy, inner part structure's sinking E don't eliminate, American election year of'topic effect', or reform its originally difficult economic structure to delay incurable.

  BE greatly baseball sunglasses believed in by nations the merchandise price soar, Japanese earthquake influence car sale etc. short date the bottom go risk impact, in 2011 once once caused the United States will deny'two declines'of misgiving.But till the end of the year, GDP the United States continuously for 10 quarters degree growth, the manufacturing industry, exit appears better situation, financing institution and business enterprise balance sheet condition as well good to financial crisis period, the consumptions, such as car and retail price...etc. turns warm, the first time applies for unemployment benefit number circumstance and real estate market to all appear an improvement, these benefit very economic index sign, show that American economy walks at gradually improve of orbit up, short date temporary have no'two declines'of sorrow.

  Forward-looking 2012 American economieses are maybe not disaster year, but also can be regarded as fair.The international peaceful foundation international economic item director of Carnegie,Cartier Eyewear previous incarnation goes international trade bureau chief Ju is black in reach Du Shi to mean, will also continue the power head of low speed recovery in 2012, total performance or similar to 2011;Several authority experts also think that this year's American economic growth better than Europe, but have to have full preparation to turns and twists and debt risk impact in Europe of recovery.

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Give a new life to search fox four wars

Be like Korea similar poor very good

Is original, person each the viewpoint inconformity with ambition to the thing, this is the individual global view problem, no serious mistakes committed.But I think the global view is different, cans not reverse black and white, either, say despicable thing again fine of, this is to disobey public.BE being like a reader to comment on of, 'is almost Korea of the stone age, make people confused BE, also really have the head the person who was kicked by the donkey, incredibly darkly rule to sing great song for gold surname despotism!A great deal of people are lived to starve, the in great cheap oakley sunglasses quantities so-called political prisoner is jailed, the people rule to maintain a discreet silence to the despotism, don't dare to talk even don't dare Nu.......Try to ask, sing the person of great song for the gold surname dictatorial governance, you would like to live at'beauty'of Korea!'
 The key that produces a serious rift is still these 20 in the last yearses because of China the economic Tu fly a fierce development, a part of persons enriched first, China because of before and basically the living standard run in an on-line, the person of prophet after digging a pail of gold reformed to enrich in the wave tide in the economy, hence the gap between rich and poor starts spacing out, one small parts of person in the common run of people didn't enrich, the mindset also took place to change, especially the last few years each big building price rise in city is huge, didn't in time buy building or miss to buy the common run of people of the building inning, faced such Gao Fang Jia, felt very depressed, also really cut up rough.
 China manages the layer is on the real estate problem of adjusting and controling definite faultiness mistake, don't apply the building to the economy Be a system engineering has a Adidas Polarized Sunglasses preface of grasp, but usually the headache cure headache.Didn't enlarge a land supply for the such a densely populated big country in China, on the contrary carried on a control in selling link.These several years real estate's adjusting to control has never stopped, but the building price still keeps as usual rising annually.More is to snuff out, buying a building to on the contrary feel can not miss opportunity again, it is more heavy price to otherwise change what to come.

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Dragging along the database is to make fun of is also protest

The global view of selfishness.

I don't deny that is count numerous teacher of the universities(particularly is a famous brand the teacher of the university) already similar to me get away from food and clothing fetters, gradually middle-class family.These vested interests want the book of Yao Zhao to sign speech, in order to immortal;Want Yao to learn but excellent then serve, hold power and gain both honor and riches.Herein teacher's sin is deeply heavy more, because the global view of selfishness covers with whole societieses, university also not one square clean soil, and is hard to escape by sheer luck.The Shakespeare early once inquired into right, position hoodwinking the crime of the public Utah Jazz Snapback Hat through Li Er Wang's disillusion, that is paid from emperor Wang Jiang Bei for the stroller of miserably weigh price;Shakespeare passes Michael again the drowning of white is anti- to studied the same philosophy to set question, that is with murder a gentleman to usurp throne, clay-cold go to hell for result of struggle for power and money.For several decades, I allow to teach in many universities, even once term president's assistant and educational administration department chief, also went together with whole country widely in order to communicate, realized university evil ways more prevalent.I am so senior to know what happened a person if Jian Mo not language, really let grant boon down to to redeem my God.Appreciate lord, entrust me to speak out from a sense of justice by the sincerity and the courage.My exclamation writes not to exert the crime in the title of this only fresh honor of university and be like to expect Er firm gram in those early years exclamation wrote not to finish to conceal forever the crime of the underneath is similar at the gold and silver jewelry.Make for reviewing a title to falsely forge, plagiarize a copy to pile up one after another;With the graduation thesis pass for the strong condition has a female of graduate student body but satisfy personal desires the scandal is continuously;For battle out a research topic budget but bribe a superior, unexpectedly dedicate an own sweetheart's arch hand body have to smell;Act as a song achievement for the Gucci Sunglasses AAA bureaucrat for striving for merit and fame praise the virtuous transmitter count extremely count;The Zhe is at the authoritarian government pressure in order to self-preservation but betray the student there are more than one of progressing;These are more than 20 in the last yearses, I witness in many universities of strange present condition.Is lamentable to go together, never with evil will be compensated with evil of Michael white the enough to spare in ratio.In the God's eyes, the offense didn't divide size, ultimate end judgment as usual condescend to come.

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